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Book A One-on-One Mentorship Call

This is a dedicated mentorship call to help assist you in your Amazon Business.


This mentorship session is a 1 hour personalized ZOOM Call booked through Calendly. The content of the call is fully customizable to cater to your specific Amazon Wholesale Business.

A few examples / Ideas are provided below.

Software Walkthrough

I'll teach you how to use software such as to run product lists, go through product examples, step-by-step.

Transition into Wholesale

Guided walkthrough on how you can transition into the wholesale business model or add wholesale into your existing operation.


Learn how to send products from a supplier to a prep center, use 3rd party freight brokers, Inbound shipping to Amazon FBA Fulfillment Centers.

Finding Suppliers

Learn a few proven methods from the OneUpFBA A-Z Course on finding / vetting / and landing wholesale accounts.

Scaling FBA

Personalized help on how to improve & scale your Amazon FBA Wholesale Business.  

Customized Help

Specific help you may need within your wholesale business catered to your specific business goals.


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